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LCA Welcomes Anther Cohort of Interns This Summer

As we continue to grow and expand our mission, LCA is thrilled to announce the addition of three dynamic and passionate interns to our team this summer. Each intern brings a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to our cause, making them invaluable assets to our organization

Meet Our New Interns:

Casey Lin: Communications Intern

Cam'ron Stewart: Development Intern

Salamot Balogun: Outreach Intern

Our interns will be involved in a variety of projects, from on-the-ground conservation efforts to enhancing our digital presence and engaging with our supporters. They will gain hands-on experience in nonprofit management, while also bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our team.

Casey Lin expresses a deep resonance with the Communication Intern role at Leading Change - Africa. With a background in bringing people together through collaborative campus events and crafting campaigns that drive positive change, Casey is poised to make a significant impact. Her experience as a Communications Fellow at FLIP National has equipped her with the skills to mobilize people through strategic messaging and data-driven campaigns. Casey's ability to connect in English and Mandarin broadens the organization's reach and fosters genuine connections rooted in empathy and authenticity. She envisions leveraging her multimedia skills to create compelling content that amplifies Leading Change's mission and engages diverse audiences worldwide.

Cam'ron Stewart brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to social justice, educational empowerment, and international engagement, making him a compelling candidate for the internship with Leading Change. His involvement in the Robeson Cooper Scholarship program at the University of Pennsylvania embodies his dedication to advocating for social justice within the Black community. Through transformative projects and discussions, he has honed his ability to initiate change and inspire others. Camron's passion for education and mentorship is evident in his role as a Wharton Global Youth Teaching Assistant, where he has mentored high school students in financial literacy, significantly improving their understanding and readiness for college. His future endeavor in the Fulbright-Hays GPA Program in South Africa symbolizes his eagerness to engage with global issues and cultures, leveraging his Zulu proficiency to contribute to research and curriculum development, further broadening his perspective on international educational systems and their impact on societal development.

Salamot Balogun returns to Leading Change this summer after previously interning as an Operations Intern. As a Nigerian-American, Salamot deeply understands the importance of providing opportunities for young Africans to reach their full potential. Her firsthand experiences in Nigeria have fueled her commitment to combating issues such as educational inequality and political corruption. Salamot resonates with Leading Change's mission of empowering African youth and believes in the organization's ability to shape a brighter future for the continent. In her role as an Outreach Intern, Salamot will play a pivotal role in fostering collegiate engagement, managing volunteer initiatives, and supporting diverse projects aimed at empowering young Africans as leaders and catalysts for positive change.

These interns, along with our dedicated team, will work collaboratively to advance Leading Change's mission of transforming young Africans into leaders and agents of positive change. We are excited to welcome them aboard and look forward to the impactful contributions they will make to our organization and the communities we serve.

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