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Leadership Academy

Through a comprehensive educational experience that fosters leadership, innovation, and critical thinking, we aim to equip these individuals to become catalysts for positive change within their local communities and beyond. We aspire to foster a future generation that will find African solutions to African problems.
This approach not only reflects our commitment to the continent’s advancement but also acknowledges the pivotal role that homegrown talent plays in shaping the future landscape of Africa. Leadership Academy scholars, between ages 16 and 26, navigate the path of defying the status quo, constantly learning to embrace and overcome challenges whether in high school or young adulthood.


Regular mentorship sessions with program organizers and guest speakers.


In session group projects, presentations,  leadership tasks to encourage practical application of skills team building  or community projects


Essential skills, from mastering  typing to online safety, professionalism, and effective collaboration across various platforms, including social media 

Program Experience

Our leadership program is designed to instills strong leadership qualities in students, equipping them with the ability to lead and inspire others, encouraging a sense of responsibility and empathy.
The Academy comprises two integral components: Leadership Development, focusing on leadership skills, industry exposure, and community service, and Athletic Leadership, emphasizing team building and community outreach.
From soccer tournaments to organizing 3k runs and participating in community clean-up efforts and attending TED Ed talks, Leadership Academy scholars have had the opportunity to engage in various activities enriching their learning experiences and broadening their perspectives.
  • Culture and Industry Exposure: Engaging with peers and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds and cultures, scholars develop cultural awareness and global understanding, broadening their perspectives and preparing them for success in an interconnected world.

  • Public Speaking: By honing public speaking skills, students build confidence in expressing themselves, enabling them to engage confidently in academic, professional, and social settings.

  • Community Engagement: Through community service and outreach initiatives, scholars actively contribute to local development and cultivate meaningful connections within their neighborhoods.

  • Holistic Development: The program facilitates the personal growth of scholars, empowering them with essential life skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and effective communication, thus enhancing their self-confidence and sense of empowerment.

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