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 Kaleidoscope Project Pilot in partnership with the Wassmuth Human Rights Center

Leading Change Africa (LCA) and Wassmuth Center for Human Rights are excited to announce a collaborative project. This project aims to foster cross-cultural exchange and collaboration between scholars from Burkina Faso and the United States through the creation of an anthology that explores themes of culture, human rights in leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The anthology will be a diverse collection of poems, letters, stories, prose, reflections, photo collage and art, compiled Through the voices and perspectives of the participants, these works showcase the innovative ideas and initiatives that emerge from cross-cultural collaboration. From personal stories of empowerment and resilience to entrepreneurial ventures that drive positive change, this anthology demonstrates the transformative power of cultural exchange in shaping a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant world.

The pilot, which started on April 15th will run for a 12 weeks n to end in July. Overall, we have 4 US scholars from Wassmuth Center paired with 4 Burkina LCA scholars (juniors to recent high school graduates), facilitated by mentors.

This Spring Session will inform a larger cohort project and potential second edition of the anthology. Proceeds from publication may support collaborating organizations or chosen causes or be made free and available for educational purposes.

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