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Avia's Volunteer Story

Meet Avia! She’s a student at George Washington University who loves learning about history and playing the clarinet. Avia also works in the History Department and helps with projects and emails. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and watching shows in English and French.

Avia decided to volunteer with Leading Change because she cares about youth development and making sure everyone can get a good education. She spent time every week helping with communication for the program, like writing emails and planning events.

Avia’s hard work and positive attitude made a big difference. She inspired others and helped the program reach more people. Now, after two semesters of volunteering, Avia is moving on to new adventures. We want to thank her for everything she’s done. Even though she’s leaving, her impact will be remembered for a long time to come. And who knows? Avia has shared she is open to dropping in virtually now and again to lend a helping hand in the future!

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