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LCAP Rural Development: Transforming Agriculture in Rwanda with Foundations for Farming

Leading Change Africa (LCA) embarked on a transformative journey in Rwanda with the Foundations for Farming (FFF) training program used to pilot the LCAP Rural Development initiative. This pioneering effort aims to tackle food insecurity and poverty among small-scale farmers across Africa through sustainable agricultural practices.

The Foundations for Farming Initiative

In collaboration with Bridge to Rwanda (B2R) and local partners, LCAP is participating in the Foundations for Farming (FFF) program, a proven method designed to empower low-income, small-holder farmers to improve their livelihoods. Originating in Zimbabwe, FFF emphasizes conservation farming techniques that enhance soil health, maximize crop yield, and reduce production costs.

These methods include:

  • No-Till Agriculture: Preserving soil structure and fertility by eliminating plowing, reducing erosion, and retaining moisture.

  • Permanent Planting Stations: Utilizing precise planting grids and organic inputs to enhance soil fertility and crop productivity.

  • Mulching: Using organic materials to protect soil, conserve moisture, and suppress weeds.

  • Crop Rotation: Diversifying crops to optimize soil nutrients and minimize pest and weed pressures.

LCAP's Role and Impact

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Ousmane Kabre and Acting Director of Operations, Awa Maiga, LCAP facilitated a week-long training program in Rwanda from June 7th to 17th. The program involved 20 participants from Mali and Burkina Faso, focusing on practical skills and techniques crucial for sustainable farming.

Future Prospects and Expansion

LCAP plans to expand its agricultural training efforts by integrating the Foundations for Farming principles into its broader Accelerator Program. This expansion will be facilitated through the LCAP Rural Development component, which includes two key modules: Agricultural Practices and Techniques, and Agribusiness. These modules will provide participants with the skills necessary for success in both sustainable farming practices and agribusiness ventures, thereby fostering economic resilience and community development throughout West Africa.


LCAP acknowledges the contributions of its dedicated team members, including Program Manager, Housmane Sereme -Burkina, and Accelerator Program Coordinator, Dr. Alfousseiny Maiga - Mali. Their expertise and commitment were pivotal in launching the FFF pilot project for LCA and setting the stage for future agricultural innovations in the region.

For more information on LCAP's initiatives and upcoming projects, visit Leading Change Africa and stay tuned via social media, for updates on our transformative efforts in agriculture and community development.

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