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Underwriting Dreams : A Journey of Leadership and Hope

Updated: 6 days ago

"Underwriting Dreams: A Journey of Leadership & Hope" intricately weaves together the personal narrative of Ousmane Kabre with the founding journey of Leading Change - Africa, illuminating themes of resilience, entrepreneurship, and transformative leadership. From humble beginnings in Burkina Faso to the corridors of American academia, Ousmane's upbringing, shaped by his mother's values and early forays into entrepreneurship, forms the bedrock of his vision for change. Against the backdrop of Africa's socio-economic challenges, the book chronicles Ousmane's determination to bridge educational divides and empower future leaders.

Through poignant anecdotes and pivotal encounters, readers witness the genesis of Leading Change, from a simple idea scribbled on a notebook to a burgeoning organization driven by a mission to unlock potential. Breakfast meetings with founding donors, strategic partnerships, and the stories of scholars like Adama and Frida epitomize the organization's ethos of paying it forward and fostering holistic growth. As the narrative unfolds, the book celebrates the tangible impact of Leading Change on individuals and communities, showcasing success stories of entrepreneurship, resilience, and hope.

With each chapter, Ousmane's vision for Africa's future becomes clearer, fueled by the unwavering belief that transformative change begins with education and empowerment. Through the lens of Leading Change - Africa, "Underwriting Dreams" offers a compelling testament to the power of leadership, hope, and the relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow for Africa and its people. This inspiring journey serves as a guiding light for aspiring and established entrepreneurs and leaders, demonstrating the potential for individuals to effect meaningful change and shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Our hearts are full as we reflect on the Underwriting Dreams: A Journey of Leadership and Hope "book launch. It was indeed a time of joy, inspiration, and wonderful conversations. A big thank you to everyone who joined us! 

In line with our mission, all proceeds from "Underwriting Dreams" are dedicated to Leading Change Africa, aiming to empower scholars and bolster programs designed to make a difference.

Start this inspiring journey with us by buying your copy of this impactful book. The print version is available now at -

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