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Leading Change Releases Key Publications Highlighting Mission and Impact

Updated: Jun 14

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, learning, and collaboration, Leading Change is delighted to announce the release of several significant publications that reflect our mission and the profound impact of our collective efforts. Each publication stands as a testament to the dedication of our team, the resilience of the communities we serve, and the invaluable support from our donors and partners.

Recent Publications

  1. LCAP Blueprint Magazine: Created during fall 2023 and finalized through winter into 2024, LCAP Blueprint Magazine features insights from judges, leadership figures, and business ventures integral to the inaugural LCAP Entrepreneurship Blueprint 2022-2023 (Phase 1). This magazine serves as a comprehensive showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit within our community.

  2. The Writing Prompt Journal: Developed by our team in Burkina Faso, the virtual Writing Prompt Journal offers valuable insights aimed at self-reflection and enhancing writing skills for college essays. These entries are designed to empower students within Leading Change Africa (LCA) and beyond, preparing them for academic and personal success.

  3. Underwriting Dreams: A Journey of Leadership and Hope: Authored by our CEO, Ousmane Kabre, "Underwriting Dreams" chronicles inspiring stories from Leading Change Africa (LCA). This book not only shares powerful narratives but also supports LCA’s initiatives, as a portion of the proceeds will benefit our organization.

Upcoming Publications

LCAP Market Validation: Scheduled for release this summer, LCAP Market Validation will spotlight top pitches, judges’ insights, guest speakers and especially business ventures from the LCAP Entrepreneurship 2023 (Phase 2). This publication will reflect on the progress of these founders and highlight successes and learnings. You also will want to check out our snapshot on ventures outside the module who are also making major strive within their industries and communities.

In Development

Kaleidoscope: A Mosaic of Voices from Idaho to Burkina Faso: Anticipated for release this fall, "Kaleidoscope" will feature an anthology of insights gathered from participants in the US and Africa. This publication will focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, human rights, and cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation across continents.

These publications exemplify Leading Change’s dedication to fostering education, entrepreneurship, and community development globally. We invite our supporters and stakeholders to explore these insightful works, as they encapsulate our journey of empowerment and impact.

For more information and updates on these publications, please visit Leading Change’s official website or follow us on our social media channels.

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