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Introducing Faith Dibie: Our Communications Coordinator

We were excited to start 2024 welcoming Faith Dibie, the newest member of our team, taking on the vital role of Communications Coordinator in January.

Faith comes to us with a vibrant track record of success in communications and marketing and her experience in both start-up environments and education centered nonprofits, she is well-equipped to enhance our messaging and broaden the reach of our initiatives.

Her role will be pivotal in shaping the narrative around our projects and engaging our audience across various platforms.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria | Fun Fact: I’ve always wanted to be a Chef.

About Faith, the Forward Thinker…

Faith has a special talent for helping things grow, whether it's plants or businesses. She earned her degree in Crop Science from the University of Benin in Nigeria, then found a way to apply those skills to her work in media, marketing, and corporate communications.

She enjoys communication and problem-solving, skills which have helped her a lot in her industry. She likes being able to adjust to new situations and challenges, making her a valuable asset in her field.

Having previously held the position of project manager at CFO Africa, a well-respected non-profit and global network of finance leaders of African descent, Faith brought her unique skill set to a new industry. In her role, Faith excelled in orchestrating the complexities of project management while simultaneously supporting her team in their professional development.

During her career, she's worked hard to make things better, whether it's by making processes more efficient or making the most of resources. She believes in fostering an innovative and creative workplace that holds everyone accountable.

She's well-known for her ability to work well with different teams, even ones from different cultures and functions. These experiences have helped shape her into the versatile professional she is today.

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