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Transforming Young Africans Into Leaders And Leaders Into Agents Of Change

Empowering communities and igniting positive change through leadership, innovation, education, and mentorship!




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Applicants must be 18 -24 years old  to apply.

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Shaping Successful Leaders Of Tomorrow With Today’s Education And Opportunities

At Leading Change Africa, we fundamentally believe that the key to a thriving future lies in education and opportunities. Today, countless young Africans face the barrier innate in limited access to pivotal secondary education, a prospect that cultivates their future growth and potential societal contributions.

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Imagine a world where equal education and opportunities aren't biased by location, finances, or political stability. A world where the youth of Africa don't view resource accessibility as a barrier, but a stepping stone for their prosperous future.

Opportunities are not a privilege but a given. We work hard to make sure every young person can dream big and achieve bigger.

We strive tirelessly to render this world a reality, our aim is to democratize education, nurture a new wave of exemplary leaders, and cultivate a mindset of entrepreneurship across Africa.

  • Enroll 1,426 scholars in a Leading Change program in Africa and the US

  • Lead 1,343 scholars to complete a Leading Change - Africa program

  • Give 21 scholars the opportunity to get real-world experience as an intern or an employee in the workforce in the US

  • Help 12 scholars start businesses of their own in Africa

  • Expand our capacity to serve up to 125 per year in one of our four core programs

With over 500 individual applicants for the program in 2023, we know there is a strong need.

Creating Significant Change With Your Investment And Contributions

With your help, we’ve been able to:


Our Vision

With a bold horizon set for 2030, we are on a mission to redefine leadership in Africa. We aim to cultivate over a thousand young Africans, transforming them not just into leaders, but into catalysts for positive change, setting the groundwork for a brighter, more progressive Africa.

By empowering 1,024 determined minds with the skills, knowledge, and network they need, we are creating a ripple effect of impact, poised to reach and uplift a million lives by 2050.

Leading Change

The fundamental purpose of the mission is to lay down the foundation for future change. Through a focus on leadership training, community service, and entrepreneurial pursuits, our scholars are sculpted into leaders. This way, we're not just creating leaders; we're preparing people who can imagine and shape a better future. We make sure everyone who joins us becomes a powerful force for good, ready to make changes that will last for many years.

"My name is Josephine Segrado, and I am a student at Madison College. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of your support for Leading Change - Africa, and I am writing to express my gratitude. When I was selected to receive the Leading Change - Africa scholarship, I thanked God for this opportunity because I realized that it provides me with an amazing way to achieve my dreams. Thanks to your support, I am able to continue my education and receive training essential to my career goals and well-being."

Josephine Segrado

Empowering Young Africans for a Journey of Success


Leadership Academy

Scholars are asked to challenge themselves to become trusted citizens, crucial contributors, and valued members of society. We expose them to new visions and perspectives, fostering their growth and ability to become impactful leaders.

College Preparatory

With guidance and support, scholars are taught the skills and knowledge they need to compete for admissions and financial aid to excellent higher education institutions, positioning them to thrive in their education and careers.


When scholars are accepted into a higher education institute, they then receive support and guidance through scholarships, mentoring, internship opportunities, professional networking, and alternative spring breaks.



A program where scholars have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. They are provided mentorship, technology training, and the chance to secure funding for their startup business during two focused cohorts in the idea and validation phases.

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