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What financial information is required on to application?

If I have already graduated from high-school, am I eligible for this scholarship?

If you are under 21 years old by the application deadline, you must disclose and submit your parent(s)/guardian(s) annual salary. If your parent(s)/guardian(s) are not employed for any reason, you must provide estimated income of your parents as well as an explanation.
Not likely. Students who have already graduated beyond 2 years,  from high school are not eligible for our initial scholarship. However, they can apply to our Leadership Academy  and Accelerators. Please head to the Programs section to learn more.

Application Deadline and Process

When is the application deadline?

Applications close on January, 31st at 11:59 GMT in your local time zone.

What is the scholarship application process?

Those who are selected as College Prep (and gap year) scholars will be eligible to apply for a 2-4 year LCA scholarship within their 12 grade year or the following 2 years after their national exams.
LCA will do a thorough review and determine based on available funds and the scholars academic/individual profiles whether to proceed with sponsoring the scholar to attend college/university abroad, within their country of origin, a neighboring nation or encourage them to to explore other LCA programs, as well as funding opportunities outside of LCA
  1. If admitted to an institution with a full ride scholarship, LCA will facilitate your attendance ie. covering airfare and assistance with legal documentation 

  2. If admitted with a partial but deemed substantial scholarship by LCA, we will facilitate your attendance and cover the remaining need.

  3. For scholars who may have been admitted to academic institutions but did not get substantial funding externally, LCA will work with the scholar to appeal to the academic institutions of and negotiate a larger financial aid package.

  4. Up to 6 scholars will be awarded a 2 year full tuition scholarship directly via LCA to attend a 2 year post secondary program abroad in STEM. Scholars obtaining their Associates degree are encouraged to apply to transfer to another university for an additional 2 years for a chance of a full ride or substantial scholarship outside of Leading Change.

  5. Others may be granted a 3-4 year full tuition scholarship, to attend a 3-4 year post secondary program in STEM, within their home country or a neighboring country. Scholars obtaining their Bachelors degree are encouraged to apply to transfer to another university for an additional 2 years for a chance of a full ride or substantial scholarship outside of Leading Change.


Upon matriculating  to an institution of higher education, scholars will be designated as Post Secondary Scholars

Scholarship Expectations and Disbursement

If I am selected as a Leading Change Academic Scholar, what would be expected of me?

During the summer before you officially start your collegiate journey with us, scholars are required to participate in a Leading Change - Africa sponsored Scholars Weekend.  In addition, LCA also expects rising Post Secondary Scholars to communicate and work closely with their designated educational adviser.

Other Expectations Include:
  • Maintain a strong academic record (cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better year 1-2 and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better year 3+ ) while taking an appropriately challenging course load.
  •  Act with honesty and personal integrity.
  • Demonstrate character and leadership.
  • Be concerned about and engaged in their community.
  • Maintain a good disciplinary record.
  • Work cooperatively with Leading Change - Africa staff.
These responsibilities are outlined in a Scholar Agreement, which each selected scholar is required to sign.

How will I receive my scholarship?

Scholarship amounts are sent directly to your school. If a stipend is included as a portion of your scholarship, the school will release the funds to you.
For more information you may refer to the Scholar Handbook.

Please be advised that the contents of the Scholar Handbook are currently under review and may be subject to change. While the handbook serves as a comprehensive resource for all scholars, it is important to note that it does not supersede any signed Scholar Agreements specific to a particular cohort.

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