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Leading Change Selects Finalists for the 2024 College Prep Program Cohort

College Prep Program Application Period Concludes

The application period for Leading Change's College Prep Program has officially concluded, marking a significant milestone for this year’s initiative. The program received an impressive number of applications, underscoring its growing influence and appeal among students.

After six months of intensive recruitment, from Winter 2023 through Spring 2024, the program's team has moved into the selection phase. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed with fairness and dedication to ensure that every deserving student gets the opportunity they need to succeed.

On June 11, candidates were informed of the results. Leading Change is pleased to announce that 30 candidates have been chosen as finalists for the 2024 College Preparation Program. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional hard work, dedication, and achievements, and the organization looks forward to welcoming them into this esteemed program.

The College Preparation Program is designed to equip students with the resources and support necessary to excel in higher education and emerge as future leaders. Finalists will participate in a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing their academic skills, leadership abilities, and personal development.

To ensure seamless communication, all finalists will be added to a WhatsApp group. This group will provide detailed information about the next steps, including important dates and program specifics. Finalists are encouraged to reach out with any questions or requests for additional information in the meantime.

Once again, congratulations to the selected finalists on their outstanding achievements. Leading Change looks forward to supporting their journey toward success.

About Leading Change's College Prep Initiative

Leading Change’s College Prep Program is an innovative educational initiative designed to empower rising 9th graders with essential skills and knowledge to become influential leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens. The program offers a unique combination of intensive English instruction, leadership development, entrepreneurship training, public speaking, and information technology courses, all aimed at preparing students for academic, professional, and social success.

Over a four-year period, students will participate in an 8-week training program each summer, from July to August, at the Leadership Center. This comprehensive, multi-year experience includes various skill-building activities designed to improve English proficiency, develop leadership skills, deepen entrepreneurship knowledge, and prepare students for university applications. The ultimate goal is to equip selected students to apply for admissions and scholarships at prestigious universities worldwide while encouraging them to make a positive impact in their local and global communities.

Finalist Announcement and Selection Process

Leading Change Africa’s College Prep Program invited all high-achieving 9th graders—and incoming 10th graders by the program start date—in Burkina Faso to seize this extraordinary opportunity. From the pool of applicants, 50 semi-finalists were chosen for comprehensive interviews, providing a platform to showcase their potential and aspirations. Following a meticulous selection process, 30 outstanding students were ultimately selected.

Interested students underwent a rigorous application process, assessed on academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, leadership potential, and community contributions. The selected students now embark on a transformative educational journey at the Leadership Center in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Program Overview and Highlights

For eight inspiring weeks in July and August, the College Prep Program welcomed ambitious rising 10th-grade students eager to transcend local boundaries and make a global impact. The program’s unique features included:

  1. Intensive English Language Courses: Enhancing English proficiency for confident communication.

  2. Leadership Development: Building skills to become motivational and effective leaders.

  3. Entrepreneurship Training: Learning to bring ideas to life and achieve dreams.

  4. Public Speaking: Developing skills for effective speech delivery and clear communication.

  5. Information Technology Courses: Acquiring essential computer skills.

Beyond academic excellence, the program aimed to prepare students for professional success and instill a profound sense of social responsibility. With a holistic approach to education, Leading Change is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators, and community changemakers. The program is committed to preparing students for global university admissions and scholarships, opening doors to endless opportunities.

The organization believes in the power of community and encourages sharing this incredible opportunity with friends and family who aspire to higher education without borders

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